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The main goal of the site is to act as a resource for McGill stakeholders to use McGill as a living lab. This site serves as a digital resource for all applied sustainability research, projects, and learning at McGill. It consists of lists of three main categories: Courses, Faculty, and Topic Experts. Hopefully, it will be easier for students to take classes about sustainability topics, initiate sustainability-related projects, conduct Applied Student Research (ASR), and connect with people from different disciplines and roles within the university.

What is the Living Lab Concept?

Using universities as a Living Lab is a core component of sustainability in higher education. A Living Lab is a place for students, staff, and faculty to live out their research, exploring and testing their ideas within their studying and working environment. All individuals at McGill are members of the McGill Living Lab, and interact with one another to problem-solve sustainability issues within the McGill campuses. Ideas and solutions that stem from the Living Lab can then be leveraged at a broader societal level, to create an even greater impact beyond the university.

How to Use the Wiki

The three components of the Living Lab Wiki – Courses, Faculty, and Topic Experts – are designed to help McGill stakeholders in using the McGill campus as a Living Lab.


The courses section is divided into two lists: Applied Student Research Opportunities and Sustainability-Related Content. Students who are looking for courses to receive credit for their ASR project can check out the ASR Opportunities List to find course offerings within their faculty. Students who are seeking to gain a better understanding of sustainability can refer to the Sustainability-Related Content List to find courses on specific sustainability-related topics.


This section lists faculty members at McGill who have taught sustainability-related courses, conducted research in sustainability, have previously supervised an Applied Student Research etc. It is a great resource for students who are in search for a supervisor for their Applied Student Research project or want to reach out to faculty members to find out more about their sustainability expertise.

Topic Experts

The main purpose of the Topic Experts List is to provide students, faculty, and staff working on sustainability-related projects at McGill an effective resource for consultation and expertise regarding McGill’s various systems and processes. Individuals can consult the topic experts list when requiring contextual information regarding McGill not easily accessible via other channels of research.

For more guidance on how to engage in the living lab, refer to the below section, “Where to Start”.

Where to Start

There are various ways to use McGill as a Living Lab and get involved in advancing sustainability on campus.

Applied Student Research (ASR)

Applied student research (ASR) is an opportunity for students to address the sustainability needs of their community for academic credit in a hands-on way, bridging the gap between theories taught in the classroom and their practical application. It is driven by students, is guided by professors and community experts, and draws on the research infrastructure of the university. Students find an issue in the community they want to solve, collaborate with community stakeholders to design and conduct the research, and implement the research’s findings back into the community. In the context of the McGill Living Lab, ASR seeks to address the needs of the McGill community.

If doing an ASR sounds interesting to you, these pages may be helpful:

  1. View a quick video created to instruct students on how to do ASR (an SPF project!) here
  2. View the ASR Technical Toolkit for a comprehensive overview of the ASR Process, how it is done, resources etc. here
  3. View the Applied Learning Courses page to see a list of independent research courses by department that can facilitate a project here
  4. View the Faculty page that lists all professors interested in sustainability related research and ASR to possibly identify a supervisor here
  5. View the McGill Office of Sustainability’s ASR Site that summarizes all the above resources/information here
  6. Apply for the ASR Grant to support your project here


Working on sustainability-related project is a great way to actively engage in the living lab at McGill.

The Sustainability Projects Fund is a resource available to all students, staff, and faculty at McGill working on projects to advance sustainability at McGill. It is also a good tool to implement recommendations from Applied Student Research projects.

  1. View the Topic Experts page if you have any specific questions and/or need insight regarding your sustainability-related project here
  2. View the Sustainability Projects Fund page to find more information on the funding process, past projects etc. here


If you are interested gaining more knowledge about specific sustainability topics, taking a course on a particular sustainability issue might be of interest to you. Check out the Course Lists available on this wiki for more information. The Sustainability-Related Content contains all courses, organized by faculty and department, with links to the course description on the McGill site. Moreover, you can find a list of faculty members integrating sustainability into their curriculum and research here.

Other Opportunities

There are also other ways of getting a living lab experience through experiential learning (volunteering experience, field studies etc.) For more information and to find opportunities, please visit the Experiential Learning Network’s website at http://mcgill.ca/eln.

What is missing from this site?
Are courses, ASR projects, professors, sustainability related issues missing from the site? Is anything out of date? Please let us know at asr@mcgill.ca
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